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Straight out of Bakersfield, California

Cowboy Nothin’ More


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J Parson’s second CD.  This album is all strictly cowboy oriented themes and includes a beautiful collection of songs that relate to real life situations of both the old time cowboys and the modern day west. The songs on this CD are tremendously popular with fans of real western music and includes the song “The Last Real Cowboy” which has been performed at many prestigious cowboy memorials.

1. Cowboy Nothin’ More

2. Lonesome Cowboy

3. Cowboy Way of Life

4. Once a Year Waltz

5. Cowboy Break Up

6. The Great Escape

7. Old Bronc

8. Cowboy Who Left Her Behind

9. Junior Sold His Saddle

10. Open Range Cowboy

11. Old Bay

12. The Last Real Cowboy

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Full Album, Cowboy Nothin' More, Lonesome Cowboy, Cowboy Way of Life, Once a Year Waltz, Cowboy Break Up, The Great Escape, Old Bronc, Cowboy Who Left Her Behind, Junior Sold His Saddle, Open Range Cowboy, Old Bay, The Last Real Cowboy


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