J Parson Cowboy Singer

Straight out of Bakersfield, California

Cowboy Flavor TV

For over two years, J provided the wonderful western music on the very popular RFD TV show "Cowboy Flavor." While J's good friends Billy and Sue Ruiz would prepare tremendous meals over an open fire and using Dutch ovens, J would keep the anxious crowd calm with his melodious songs.

Cowboy Flavor, a half-hour program for RFD-TV, will tantalize your tastebuds with the finest Cowboy Cuisine. Always cooked outdoors, never in a kitchen, this grub is made only in dutch ovens, barbecue pits or over an open fire. The show will be hosted by Master Cowboy Chef, Billy Ruiz, who brings a lifetime of outdoor cooking experience to the campfire. Billy was President Ronald Reagan’s personal cowboy chef for many of the outdoor functions at the Reagan ranch.

Billy’s wife, Sue, is co-host of the program, and both enjoy entertaining and being entertained according to the true Western lifestyle. Both were featured in the first episode of ‘Al Roker’s BBQ On The Road”, on the Food Network, and are excited to bring their authentic western style to family and friends, and to everyone on the RFD Network.

From a hearty Dutch Oven Egg Frittata, better known as Cowboy Breakfast…to barbecuing a 15-pound New York strip, carved right on the picnic table….to Pastel Cheleno (Chilean Pie), a chicken dish served on the ranches of California in the 1700s…Cowboy Flavor is not only a lesson in how to cook great food, but a journey through the history of dishes served on American ranches.

Every episode of Cowboy Flavor takes place at the program’s campsite. The live audience of campers is entertained with music by Jay Parson, a personality who has made his living in cattle and agriculture, a bond reflected in his music. In Jay’s words…”I like to think that I don’t play strictly cowboy music, but I play music that cowboys like to listen to.”

Billy & Sue have a number of fine products available on their website at www.cowboyflavor.com.